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Western Art Association is an organization that promotes art education through free webinars, podcasts, and articles. The organization’s website offers a wealth of educational programs that will help you expand your knowledge on topics such as the history of European art, analysis of African American art movements, cultural trends in different cultures, and more.

The goal of the Western Art Association is to help museums, art colleges, and anyone interested in art to learn more about contemporary and historical art. Lisa R. Huntington founded the Western Art Association. Huntington has a background in art education, specifically in public institutions and colleges. She is currently an Associate Professor, teaching courses on visual culture, contemporary art, and global society. Huntington has published numerous papers on topics ranging from installation art to postmodernism.

Latest Posts

How Art Has Changed the World

Over time, this change has been tied to significant events worldwide. The advancement of technology can be seen as having built upon our ability to create art. It has given us the power to do things we would not otherwise be capable of doing. For example, the invention of the…

Why Art Matters

You might think that what you do for a career doesn’t matter, but we would never dare to say that about art. Art matters because it helps us express our most complicated thoughts and feelings. It can also help us understand the world around us differently. This post will explore…

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