This post will explore essential tips leading to an artistic home renovation. We’ll also be going into detail about why these tips are crucial to an artistically-minded person.

Let’s start with one of the most crucial features: color schemes.

You may not know it, but color schemes hold a lot of importance in the eyes of architects and designers – they can make or break a space. You can choose to go with a bright color palette, a bold one, or even a neutral one (for those who are more in the mood for some de-emphasized beauty). For example, here we have a little studio in Downtown Los Angeles. The entire space is comprised of dim materials like linoleum and wood. The walls are painted in light browns and blacks, and the ceiling is painted white. The owner of this little space is a painter, so she often plays with the color palettes of her tiny studio.

If you have a very artistic home renovation site, go wild with your color schemes. This remodel went to the ’90s – go on and don’t be afraid to use any color you want. For example, we have an entirely white room with several shades of gray. The pops of various colors are simultaneously enhancing and calming this room.

More on that later, however.

The next tip is to work with your surroundings – and play off them if you can.

The space in the image above was a former garage – naturally, though, an artist’s soul is creative, and she decided to turn it into a porch. After all, Southern California has beautiful weather year-round – so why not take advantage of it?

This artist decided to play off her natural surroundings by filling her porch with big plants in pots. This makes sense for several reasons:

It gives the artist a more organic feeling to her design, making it seem more real. It gives the artists options for future personal touches, like adding a birdbath or pond. It gives the artist options for future furnishings (potted plants can be added to any furniture). It helps to decrease the space without impacting it too much (potted plants only take up a small amount of space)

The next tip is to work with your budget and use things you already have.

Here is one of the most difficult artistic home renovations I have ever witnessed.

The artist in this particular situation was moving into a small house, and she wanted to make it more beautiful than it already was. Though the budget wasn’t huge (the house was pretty old and needed a lot of attention), she still wanted to add her touch to the home, so she decided to paint the entire interior herself. She chose an array of pretty colors from her personal palette and covered every inch of the wall with them.  She even covered the ceiling while still keeping it minimal.

One of the best things she did was paint all of the cabinets in a soft cream color to create a sophisticated effect. She also used her creative eyes in the kitchen, adding several wall art pieces and drawings. Everything was so beautifully done that it fit into the space and didn’t seem out of place.

This leads us to the last tip: art.

Art is essentially beauty. Beauty is good. Therefore, art is good. Even if you are not an artist, purchasing a few wall art pieces will help make your space more beautiful and exciting. On the other hand, if you are a budding artist or even just an amateur one, painting or drawing on the walls is a great way to add personal touches that you like without drawing too much attention away from certain places of your home.

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