Over time, this change has been tied to significant events worldwide. The advancement of technology can be seen as having built upon our ability to create art. It has given us the power to do things we would not otherwise be capable of doing. For example, the invention of the camera allowed us to see things or events from different perspectives than we would have otherwise seen them. This allowed us to create new information and interpretations previously thought impossible and has since set the stage for many exciting works of art.

The understanding of the audience communicated through art has also changed over timeā€¦ If you think about it, people were not always paintings for others to look at: a painting was a piece of art on canvas by one person for themselves. The idea that someone else could come along, enjoy it, and understand it was utterly foreign back then. Today, the audience of art has expanded from the person who made it to include those who just look at it. This is a significant change but not necessarily a bad one. Today, artists can make art for themselves and still have an audience as large or even more significant than if they were trying to make art strictly for consumption. It also gives people the chance to take a new perspective on something old: pick up an old painting, and you may see something in it that you have never seen before.

Art has also changed into new forms of media that we were previously unable to create or appreciate. Examples of this include movie, animations, and video games. In a sense, these forms of art have allowed us to become participants in the art itself. These forms are more often than not interactive, which differs from the typical painting or sculpture that remains static and fixed in one place.

Lastly, I believe another significant way art has changed is by becoming more accessible to the general public through mass media. Art has always been limited to the wealthy and educated. Still, work from every level of human culture can be shared through the internet and made available to anyone who wishes. This massive jump in accessibility is a significant reason why art has changed so rapidly over the last hundred years.

This includes movie change; it may appear that we have lost our humanity. What we used to consider beautiful no longer seems so, or perhaps our society has become more superficial or ignorant. This can be said of any era, but I believe this is an effect of the changes made possible through mass media rather than a reflection of humanity as a whole. Without changing our perspectives on what art is and what it can do to us, it would be best for us to keep moving forward with technology and the rise of new media play.

In conclusion, art has changed significantly because the world around us has changed. With every significant change that advances technology or changes what we believe about ourselves, we are better off when we allow ourselves to create new forms of art that reflect these changes. This is where I place my faith; as long as our creativity is not restricted by how we view art today, it will always be able to continue changing along with the world around us.

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